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SMC Bulletin Board: September

With schools back in session for the 2023-2024 school year, we at SMC have been busy helping club sponsors register on our site portal, purchasing supplies, and doing school site visits to build relationships with teachers and administrators.

We are thrilled to be working on another action-packed school year of fundraising in support of the wonderful club sponsors and students across the state of Arizona! Thank you for being part of the SMC community!


Our annual fundraiser, Adult Homecoming is next month! It's a Hollywood theme, and we guarantee it's a night you won't want to miss! Buy tickets for yourself, a group of your friends,

or sponsor one for a teacher. Click the button below to purchase tickets today!


Donor Spotlight: Sentari Minor

Sentari is a former SMC board member and has been participating in our monthly recurring donation program, Honor Roll, for 6 years.

A self-proclaimed social impact advocate in the Phoenix area, Sentari is currently the Vice President of Strategy and Chief of Staff for venture-backed evolvedMD.

He is passionate about strengthening brands doing good in the world, and is an expert on strategy, marketing, leadership, capacity building, social entrepreneurship, and engaging high-profile leaders in the dialogue of today.

Join Sentari in championing the work of SMC and sign up for Honor Roll today!


SMC Club of the Month: Genesis Academy GreenSpace Garden Club

The purpose of the Genesis GreenSpace Garden Club is to promote a range of educational, environmental, and social objectives related to gardening and sustainability. Gardening teaches students valuable skills like planning, problem-solving, and time management.

These skills are transferable to other aspects of life and can be beneficial in academic and future career pursuits. This garden club also aims to introduce students to potential career paths in fields like horticulture, landscaping, environmental science, and agriculture.


Ways to Give: Homecoming Raffle Donations

Interested in going the extra mile for Homecoming? Team SMC loves over-achievers! We are seeking donated items for our Oscar Grab Bag raffle the night of Homecoming. Anything from restaurant gift cards to unique experiences to vacation credits, we need the help of our SMC champions to gather items in support of our students! If you have something that you'd like to contribute, please contact Pinky here. We appreciate your help!


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