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Meet Sandra Jenkins

Sandra Jenkins has significantly enjoys her time as a sponsor for Betty Fairfax High School's Black Student Union (BSU) and Historically Black Colleges and University Club (HBCU) for the past 15 years. She also supports other BSU Clubs in the district as well as shares resources, events, scholarships, group activities, community service, and volunteer activities.

"We currently have approximately 36 BSU Club Sponsors throughout the PXU District and hope to build better programming to help support the needs of students as they continue to grow and develop. The Phoenix Union BSU Club is one of the most active clubs in our District. We want to see our students soar to surpass many of the milestones they set in previous years. That's why the BSU Club has partnered with the HBCU Club on our campus and District to promote college readiness by hosting district-wide workshops, ACT Prep, college campus tours (virtual and in-person), and dynamic guest speakers. This programed has helped teach my students many soft skills, such as collaboration, effective communication, problem-solving, team building, self-advocacy, punctuality, time management, etc"


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