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SMC visits North High's Garden Club

The Garden club at North High aims to introduce our students to the joys of gardening and working with the earth in a sustainable, organic way. Through gardening students can learn life skills like patience, perseverance and resiliency.

North Garden Club attended Philanthropy Bar, and received the funding to create a full scale garden. Since then, more and more students have been engaging in the club and giving back to the community; they harvest fruits and vegetables from their new garden for the school's custodians, local food banks, and students in need.

In support of our mission, their club sponsor stated "Clubs and activities allow our students to connect with others and form a sense of belonging desperately needed by adolescents today. It also allows them to grow and explore in areas they may not have encountered before."

Support My Club is honored to be involved with the amazing projects that these students have worked to complete and maintain. All of this and so much more are possible due to the generosity of our donors.



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