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Support My Club's Second Annual Adult Homecoming - "Once upon a night in Hollywood..."

Lights, camera, PARTY!

Have your people call my people! You won't want to miss this A-list event.

Support My Club is excited to announce our ultra-glamorous Hollywood Adult Homecoming Dance on October 21, 2023, in Midtown Phoenix.

Whether you want to get all dolled up like you're heading to the Oscars or pay tribute to your favorite movie star, this is your night to shine and support your local community.


We'll have light bites and desserts on center stage and an open bar for all you VIPs (spoiler alert: we're all VIPs!). Come ready to strut your stuff on the dance floor and party like it's your big break!

Proceeds benefit Support My Club, SMC, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to support Arizona students on their path to graduation by engaging communities to fulfill the needs of clubs and teams.

SMC Hollywood Invitation
Hollywood Homecoming Sponsorship Levels

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Why Sponsor Support My Club?

Critical aspects of learning happen outside the classroom. According to studies, extracurricular clubs and teams are associated with a higher graduation rate and have been shown to reduce teen crime and depression.


Support My Club continues to support students on their path to graduation through collaboration with communities to meet the needs of school clubs and teams. Over 650 high schools and 190 clubs and groups have benefited from SMC's services since 2012. Ensuring that all students have access to adequate equipment. 

Together, we equalize the opportunity gap by ensuring students are adequately equipped to participate, explore, and succeed in school clubs and teams.

Click the link below to learn more about our Sponsorship Levels!

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