Waterproof Camera

Organization: Central High School

WHAT:Waterproof Digital Camera with Carrying Case and Memory Card


Having a waterproof camera can help us take pictures of the memories we make on the AC trips. We end up leaving our phones and cameras in the car when we go on water trips or anytime we go on a trip where there could be some unpredictable weather. There are always so many amazing pictures that we could have taken but we were unable to because we didn't have a camera to capture these precious moments. We're unable to take pictures of the scenery nor of us having fun together. Having a waterproof camera won't just help us with capturing moments, but also help unite the club more. A waterproof club camera will reduce cell phone use, allowing us to be more focused on the nature around us. We could still leave our phones so we won't be tempted to be going on social media and truly be focused on the nature and people around us, while having a club camera that still allows us to capture every incredible moment we spend together. A lot of times we are too afraid to take out phones too because we don't want them to get messed up.

If it wasn't for Adventure Club, I would have never known how beautiful and amazing nature is. It helped me understand that the world is much more than walls and buildings surrounding us day after day. That outside of these walls, there are amazing sceneries that we can enjoy and learn from. Having a waterproof camera would help us get out there and capture these priceless moments. Thank you for your interest in supporting Adventure Club.


The Central Adventure Club (written by the students who are involved in the club)

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