Virtual Field Trip through the National WWII Museum

Organization: Trevor G. Browne High School

WHAT:The National WWII Museum offers the following interactive, fast-paced ‰Û?ÛÏVirtual Field Trips‰ÛÓ? that are video streamed LIVE into classrooms across the country. Guided by a museum educator, students analyze maps, photographs, artifacts, posters, speeches, and songs as they explore the chronologies, strategies, motivations, and outcomes behind these fascinating chapters of WWII history.

Out Selected Topic will be: "Los Veteranos: Latinos in WWII"

"An important part of U.S. history long before WWII, the war gave Latinos new opportunities and presented them with new challenges. Because Latinos did not serve in segregated units, as African Americans did, their WWII history is sometimes overlooked. Was that history unique, and if so, how? Students learn about Latino WWII heroes and average soldiers, as well as issues of ethnicity and acculturation on the Home Front."

WHY:This specific topic is important to our school community because the lessons learned here will resonate directly with many of our students of Hispanic heritage. This information will provide a direct, authentic connection between the students and the content.

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