Transportation Sponsorship

Organization: Red Mountain High School

WHAT: Sponsorship to help fund our transportation costs to get to California

WHY:We are looking for sponsorship so our Full Symphony Orchestra can take an educational and celebratory trip in April. We go on this trip every year, but especially now, we need your help. A high percentage of our students this year are unable to pay their part due to financial situations beyond their control. These students are incredibly hard working and talented, and put in a lot of time year-round to make our orchestra better. Without them on our trip, we can't compete in some of the scheduled events and our orchestra would be incomplete.

The trip includes a clinic with professional musicians in Southern California, a performance in a music festival, a Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra concert, and a day in Disneyland to celebrate our accomplishments as a group. This is incredibly beneficial to student musicians in that they get to learn from and play with some of the best talent in our region of the country. It is an experience that graduated seniors continue to remember even years later. We do not want to deny anyone this opportunity, especially for reasons beyond their control. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Fulfilled: 20
Still Needs: 0

Donation Price:

$59.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
This price is all inclusive:
  • Credit cards fees
  • Retail price
  • Shipping and Processing
  • Taxes

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