Training Aid Kit

Organization: Millennium High School

WHAT:The shadowman training aid is a tackling tool used to teach proper tackling for football. It includes3 dummies, 3 sleds, 3 harnesses, 2 pumps, & 3 puncture repair kits.

WHY:This product will help teach the proper technique for tackling and decrease the opportunity for injury.

̣_Full Speed Tackling Reps without Risking Player to Players Contact.

̣_More Realistic, More Game Like Reps than Tackling Pads.

̣_Remove Player to Player Contact to meet Contact Practice Restrictions

̣_Target zones: Target Zones act as a visual guide to the tackler, allowing the tackler to improve on the cognitive process of tackling Target Zones assist coaches as a visual mark to watch where the player is tackling and to give visual feedback on where to improve for the next rep.

̣_Strength and Conditioning, both the carrier and the tackler

̣_Bent knee posture indicates to the player the front and back of the dummy, which allows the player to make a decisions on where to place their head and make decision on other key body positions

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