WHAT: 4-Person Tent

WHY:One major component of


Education is an extensive outdoor field experience known as Erdkinder. In this experience, a group of students will go on a trip to spend several days in nature where they will labor in the land. Maria


believed that students growing up in urban settings will benefit from this experience by exposing them to the work of the hands in ways they may not have been familiar with, by allowing students to be in touch with nature, and by providing an opportunity for community building and bonding between members of a group.

With these tents,we will be able to stay in nature during our entire Erdkinder experience. Not only does sleeping outdoors allow for an appreciation of nature, darkness, and silence, it will also allow students to learn and appreciate the connection they have with one another and with nature. The core of


education is the education of the whole child through training the mind, the heart, and the hands. Being in nature allows for a fuller experience while working towards these goals.

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