Regional Competition Registration Fees

Organization: Metro Tech High School

WHAT:Registration fees for our teams to compete at Regional Competition

WHY:Our kids practice every week at lunch and on their own time for eight months to be able to compete at the Regional Competition that happens in March each year. At the Regional Competition the students get to play both attorneys and witnesses against multiple other high schools in the area. They do this in real Superior Courtrooms with real Superior Court Judges judging them and giving feedback.

This is an extremely valuable experience for kids that are learning public speaking, professionalism, critical thinking, and team work skills. It is amazing to see the difference in confidence between when a student enters the program as a timid Freshman and runs the courtroom as an articulate outspoken Senior.

Interest in the club at our school has increased drastically over the last few years and we have multiple teams who would like to compete however the competition is expensive and the school does not cover the registration cost. The kid's families do not have the extra funds to pay to have their children compete, so we are hoping you can help us. We would love to thank you in person if you can come cheer us on or we are happy to send a bunch of pictures of the kids attorney'ing it up! We will make you proud!!

Fulfilled: 6
Still Needs: 0

Donation Price:

$288.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
This price is all inclusive:
  • Credit cards fees
  • Retail price
  • Shipping and Processing
  • Taxes

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