Reeds for Wind Instruments, Pack of 10

Organization: Trevor G. Browne High School

WHAT:Rico Royal reeds in strength 2.5

WHY:Having a supply of reed on hand will help students who have limited funds at home be able to play their instruments without having to stress about finding money to buy reeds. These reeds

combine the features of the traditional Rico cut with a stronger spine and a "French file," allowing for more resonance and harmonics in the sound. Rico Royal reeds have a more traditional French filed cut for increased response, especially in the low register, adding clarity to the tone and making soft attacks easier.

Fulfilled: 4
Still Needs: 11

Donation Price:

$35.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
This price is all inclusive:
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  • Retail price
  • Shipping and Processing
  • Taxes

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