Pencil Pouch

Organization: South Mountain High School

WHAT:Binder Pouches for student notebooks/binders

WHY:Students will use these pouches, in conjunction with their 3" binders, to keep all of their necessary writing implements, erasers, highlighters, and other supplies, so they are prepared for all of their classes. Many times students come to school with only one pen/pencil, and do not come with backups. These pouches will give AVID students a place to put those backups, so they are never in a situation of "I lost my only pencil."

Fulfilled: 0
Still Needs: 100

Donation Price:

$11.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
This price is all inclusive:
  • Credit cards fees
  • Retail price
  • Shipping and Processing
  • Taxes

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