Hudl - 1 year subscription

Organization: Trevor G. Browne High School

WHAT:Hudl video software. We are requesting the "Gold Package" as it allows us to be able to instantaneously notify our players when updated film and instructional materials have been uploaded. It gives us a greater amount of storage capacity so that our players can access a broader amount of materials.

1 year Gold Package subscription

WHY:We believe Hudl is becoming an essential component of football programs throughout the country. It is a diversified software and instructional application to facilitate the education of student-athletes in the sport of football. It also utilizes a technological interface that is better adapted to our current generation of student-athletes. Coaches can identify specific teaching points per position and/or individual player. It allows a voice-over feature wherein the coach can formulate the instructional session tailored to each player/personnel grouping. Our student-athletes can become better-educated and can access from any internet access point. We can also conduct film exchange with upcoming opponents and perhaps one of the most innovative features, is that we can get needed exposure for our student-athletes who may not otherwise get exposure to further their education via an athletic scholarship.

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$1,442.00 / each

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