GameCube Controller

School: Carl Hayden High School

WHAT:Official Nintendo GameCube Controller

WHY:Super Smash Bros. is one of the most popular games at ourFriday night Video Game Night events. Every week, the area around the Wii U console is packed with Smash players, passing the controllers back and forth with each round so everyone gets a turn. In addition, the most hardcore of our Smash players gather around the original Wii to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl (considered by the Smash elite to be the more skill-based version of the series). Many Super Smash Bros. fans grew up playing Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube system, and some will always prefer that system's controller. We have a few of these controllers, but with the sheer amount of regular usage they receive, and the intensity of the gameplay, our controllers tend to wear out quickly. In this regard, we are requesting replacement controllers to augment our existing stock of controllers, so our students can keep playing Smash the way it was meant to be played: with the classic controller, and with lots of friends.

Fulfilled: 4
Still Needs: 4

Donation Price:

$26.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
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