DSLR Camera

School: Bioscience High

Club: STEM Club

What: DSLR camera for our photography projects

Why: Our club has a Canon Rebel DSLR camera. It was recently dropped and broken during a school event.  

We used our camera a lot. Much was for astro-photography. We hook it up to our telescope and take pictures both at night and day time (such as eclipses). It's awesome to look at the night sky, but even better to photograph it. This October will host both a lunar and solar eclipse. Our club is planning to host an after school event to share the solar eclipse with the public. We also hope to do a couple of camping trips this school year under the dark skies of Arizona. We are really hoping to have a camera by then. 

The camera is great for teaching about the night sky, general astronomy, as well as photography and image processing on the computer.

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