Digital Camera Package

Organization: Carl Hayden High School

WHAT: DSLR camera package with lens, tripod, carrying case, and more

WHY:Our team keeps a team scrap book of all the events and outreach efforts we participate in. The scrap book is maintained by students and includes mementos from events as well as pictures. The team website includes student taken photos from the events. Over the past 10 years the team has been using the lead mentor's personal Cannon DSLR camera. Thousands of photographs were taken over the past years and it finally just wore out. The students love to learn about technology and pass the word to others. Pictures are a great way to do this as participants from the events we attend and sponsor can go on-line and download their pictures as well.

Team members learn more than just point and shoot methods to photography. They learn the technology of photography like manually setting the white balance; setting the ISO speed; setting the aperture for depth; setting the shutter speed; and many other features. All of our underwater robots utilize cameras. The students utilize photography techniques when setting-up our AUV (Under Water Vehicle) for competition.

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$840.00 / each

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