Dell Web Windows Tablet

Organization: Metro Tech High School

WHAT: Dell Web Windows Tablet

WHY:Assistive Technology for the students with Intellectual Disabilities: Students with Cognitive disabilities often have speech impairment and will use the tablet as a form of communicating. For the Vision impaired we will be able to control their environment and learn from Beamz that will be connected to the tablet. We perform jobs on campus for training in the real world. The tablets will assist students with Intellectual disabilities who have memory difficulties to complete a task or to follow a certain sequence of steps from start to finish. We will also use it as a directional guidance system from one job to another. The tablets will provide the students with functional levels and bigger step towards independence. I am already grateful just to be able to ask. Thank you.

Fulfilled: 12
Still Needs: 0

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$420.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
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