BPA Free Water Bottle

School: Central High School

WHAT:NALGENE Tritan 1-Quart Narrow Mouth BPA-Free Water Bottle gray

WHY:Nalgene water bottles will be used on the Adventure Club trips. Students are learning about being green and taking care of the environment. We teach them about how many water bottles fill a landfill on a daily basis. On our trips we take the students to places they would have never dreamed of going before. Some of our students have never been out of Phoenix and these trips are truly life changing. They also learn about the nature and animal life that is happening around us. It opens their eyes and helps them appreciate what nature has to offer. Having these sturdy Nalgene bottles will assure that students will have water on our hikes and trips. Nalgene water bottles last a long time and are impact resistant. Students will save money by not having to spend money on one time use water bottles and will know that they are helping the earth.

Fulfilled: 5
Still Needs: 15

Donation Price:

$16.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
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  • Taxes

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