SET OF 5: Attendance Medals

School: Linda Abril High

WHAT: Perfect attendance metals to reward students.

WHY:  Student government is teaming up with school administration to tackle our biggest problem on campus: attendance. SDEA has two classes a day, each about two and a half hours long, with each class lasting six weeks, and three six week terms a semester. Because of the the way these terms are setup, attendance is critical to student education; one day missed can be equivalent to three days of assignments. STUGO's vision is to reward students with perfect attendance with these medals, and create a positive influence on other students to obtain ones themselves. These medals will accompany paper certificates, recognizing the students effort, and building their ambition to achieve greater things in the future. They will also help build time management skills,which will prove profitable in the workforce.

Fulfilled: 5
Still Needs: 5

Donation Price:

$15.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
This price is all inclusive:
  • Credit cards fees
  • Retail price
  • Shipping and Processing
  • Taxes

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