Arizona Hummer Tour & Horseback Riding Field Trip Sponsorship

Organization: Genesis Academy

WHAT: Arizona Hummer Tour & Horseback Riding Field Trip Sponsorship

WHY: The field trip is offered as an incentive to members of the Los Literati Book Club who complete multiple book reports. The adventure with Arizona Hummer Tours allows the club members to experience breathtaking vistas as they tour ghost towns and Native American ruins. All the while the tour guide shares his extensive knowledge of desert wildlife, flora & fauna and the history of the area. This field trip offers an off-road adventure tour that's so much more than just a drive on a dirt road. The Los Literati members also enjoy a one-hour horseback ride. Most of the high-risk youth that participate in the field trip have never ridden a horse - or even seen one in person before. The field trip is a learning experience for the youth and a memory they cherish for years.

Fulfilled: 9
Still Needs: 20

Donation Price:

$72.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
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