Quinacridone Magenta Paint, 24 oz

Organization: ASU Preparatory Academy - South Campus

WHAT: 24 oz Quinacridone Magenta Paint

WHY: The Phoenix Collegiate Art Society is looking to engage low income students through advanced painting instruction. Our students understand the basics of color theory, but lack the advanced understanding of how to mix, use, and apply traditional acrylic and oil paints. AsQuinacridone Magenta

is a traditional pigment color, students can explore both the art history surrounding painting techniques, but also create unique art with increased awareness of their materials. The Phoenix Collegiate Art Society helps prepare students who wish to further pursue art at a University level. By donating this paint to our organization, students are provided the opportunity to practice techniques and create art that is competitive with surrounding districts, and will offer students the artistic edge needed for college level entry portfolios. Your generosity is greatly welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for giving our students increased opportunities and so much joy.

Fulfilled: 3
Still Needs: 0

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$10.00 / each

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