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Meet Desert View Girl's Tennis

This Spring, Support My Club had the privilege of working with Desert View High School’s Girls Tennis Team. This group of students was led by Coach Sebastian Villalobos, a first year teacher and recent graduate from Arizona State University. Coach Villalobos took on coaching his first year and instantly noticed a need for more funding/equipment for his students that were eager to engage in the sport.

Looking for a solution, Villalobos reached out to Support My Club who was able to provide over $1500 worth of equipment for the team. Coach Villalobos reports that many of his students joined the team to make new friends and to have a safe space to go to afterschool. After receiving the equipment from Support My Club, the tennis team was full of bright smiles and happy tears knowing that their tennis team would have enough equipment to continue competing after Villalobos’s departure to pursue further education.

“While the teacher turnover rate continues to be improved, it’s reassuring to know that organizations like Support My Club are stepping in to ensure clubs/teams remain properly equipped to keep our students engaged” -Sebastian Villalobos


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