Word of mouth: the best way for this site to reach all the potential donors out there who WANT to help!  The more visitors, the more successful your club will be.  So help us help you by joining us in the push to share Support My Club with the world!

We will be updating this page often with flyers, ideas and tools to help you - continue to check back.  

Suggestions on how to get the word out:

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Here is a sample you can use as a template.  Don't forget to personalize!

I am getting in touch to introduce you to a cool new program that will give you a chance to help me and the ________ Club that I belong to at [insert school]. It’s called Support My Club, and it’s an easy way for anyone to contribute new supplies or help raise essential funds so that we can go about the work necessary to reach our club’s mission. Just visit www.supportmyclub.org, click on the tab for [insert school], find my club, and pick the item that you would like to donate. It’s as easy as that to support my club!