At Support My Club, we depend on donations from individuals, organizations, community partners and sponsors, and private grants. That is why we are open to sharing our financials, and letting our supporters know the lessons learned from start up until today!

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Financials & Tax

FY2016-2015 Financial Statements
FY2015-2014 Financial Statements
FY2014-2013 Financial Statements
FY2013-2012 Financial Statements
FY2016 Tax Return
FY2015 Tax Return
FY2014 Tax Return 
FY2013 Tax Return
FY2012 Tax Return


Regulatory Filings 

501(c)(3) Designation
Certificate of Incorporation
Form 1023 Application for Tax-Exempt Status
W-9 Form  


Corporate Governance 

Conflict of Interest Policy
Name Change Amendment
2015-2016 Audit 
Gift Acceptance Policy
Whistleblower Policy 
Non-Discrimination Policy