We are sure you have some great questions.

Maybe we have answered some of them here:

Money questions:

Is my purchase and donation tax-deductible?

Of course!  Every penny spent on our website is fully tax-deductible.  We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Our Tax ID is 45-4396035) and you will receive a receipt upon checkout.  The best part?  You can add a small donation to your purchase at checkout that goes directly to helping us maintain this site and the ability to run the program!

What does the price of each item include?

Every Supply item (a tangible good that is delivered) is priced all-inclusively: MSRP cost, credit card fees, tax, shipping & handling - they are all in there.  You won't be surprised with any extra fees at the end!  We have also rounded up to the nearest dollar for ease of processing.  Support My Club will make every attempt to find a screaming deal or sale price on each item.  Should that happen, any additional money remaining will be allocated to the exclusive use of program maintenance, enhancement and expansion.

Sponsorship items include the cost of the sponsorship plus credit cards fees - that's it!

Speaker items cost $0.

Why are some of the items so expensive?

Great question!  We rely on the clubs themselves to tell us what they specifically need, we aren't the experts - they are.  In some situations this requires a very particular product, usually mandated by national organizations.  For instance, the football team might not need that football you can buy at inexpensively at Target, they need the exact model of a game regulation ball.  

Why shouldn't I just give money to the school directly?

You can - we believe in supporting education in every way possible.  If you are interested in supporting a club or sport, we want to encourage that - and help your generosity go further.  Giving money directly to the school, while admirable, can cause some headaches.  The paperwork requires extra time by students, teachers and administration and the timeline to get the money back in the hands of the club can be months.  By SMC delivering the product directly, we are able to avoid those setbacks while still allowing donors to receive a tax deduction.  Please scroll down "How do the clubs get the items" for more information.  Our goal is to make this as seamless and easy for the students, sponsors and administrators as possible.  

What about the public school Tax Credit?

Unfortunately, the public school tax credit cannot be taken and allocated through Support My Club, but only through a school itself.  However, we think it is a wonderful and smart way to further support schools and education.  Please CLICK HERE for more information on how you can use this credit.  

Club questions:

What clubs qualify to be included?

A club can qualify by being listed as an "official club or sport" with the school.  This requires them to have a club constitution, officers and a book store account.  We are currently accepting clubs and teams from schools public and public charter high schools in Maricopa County, Arizona

What kinds of products do you include?

We have 4 categories:

Supplies: Actual tangible items that the club or sport needs to implement ideas, training, participation and opportunities for learning. (e.g. sports bras for the girls basketball team, scissors for the fashion club, water bottles for the hiking club)

Sponsorship: Monetary donations made directly to fund a student or group of students for a specific trip or purpose.  (e.g. football summer camp, regional competition fees, costs associated with an educational trip)

Speakers: $0 cost requests for a guest speaker or mentor to come speak to the club or sport or provide a master class/workshop.

Services: third-party assistance supplying a club need or activity such as DJ for a prom.

How do clubs get the items?

Support My Club is not here to make more work for club and sport sponsors. In fact, we are here to alleviate the need for constant fundraising, jumping through hoops and lack of supplies and sponsorship needed for implementing ideas. The items are either delivered in person or shipped directly to the school. 

How do I get my club on the site?

Visit the homepage at www.suppportmyclub.org and click on "clubs and teams start here" and from there you can Register or Add Your Items there. 

Do clubs, schools or our district need to give the donor a tax receipt?

No, Support My Club is a registered 501(c)(3) Arizona non-profit corporation. We receive, process and acknowledge all donations for club and team requests. We do ask that clubs/teams submit a thank you note and photo through our site which we sent to the donor.