We love to brag about the successes and great work of our high school clubs and teams. We also love to showcase their amazing gratefulness towards our donors. 

These are the stories that are making us smile:

(keep checking back as we will continue to post new stories all the time) 

We are in complete awe of your generosity and kind spirit! You have just made twelve young ladies, smile from ear to ear and excited about our upcoming season this Fall. The team uniforms and socks are going to greatly impact our girls self-esteem when we have our games, knowing that we all have matching uniforms. Our new volleyballs will help us get through more drills at practice and maximize our time to be a more skilled volleyball team. 

Your donation, beyond measure, has helped us get our 2014 volleyball season off to a great start! We could not have done this without your generosity, support and thoughtfulness. PCA Volleyball team greatly appreciates you and all you have done to help us!

       Thank you,

  PCA Girl's Volleyball Team

Thank you so much for your donation to our club. We were able to schedule a field trip two weeks ago and take 5 excelling Advanced Placement United States History students who are also Rho Kappa members in good standing to the Musical Instrument Museum. 

We visited the museum for over four hours because there were so many interesting musical displays from every country in the world. Our favorite selections were the modern music displays because they showcased the technicality of the musicians and had actual costumes from singers such as Taylor Swift and Elvis Presley. The exhibits from Africa were also especially interesting because many of the tribal peoples use items we think of as trash or recycled goods to make music. 

Your thoughtfulness made this all possible, and we are so appreciative.    Francisco H., Christina P., Joanna S., Andrea J. & Nicole G.

Thank you so much for supporting Camelback High School's Dance Club! Our students with tiny feet were especially grateful for the donation of tap shoes. They participated in tap class barefoot for weeks before your donation. The jazz pants came in handy for our Spring Dance Concert!         

Thanks again!   Camelback High School Dance


We are so grateful for the donation of tennis shoes. My young man who received the shoes was so happy that he hugged me! He has worn them every day since he received them. He is a sophomore and won his first tennis match yesterday.                                                                                                                                          We appreciate your generosity so much!  Karen Crane, Boys Tennis Coach







Thank you very much for these items, they proved to be critical during the competition, and the build season. We are extremely appreciative for your amazing help in supporting us.    The team and the robot, would like you thank you very much!



Thank you very much for the new baseballs. We are using them mostly for freshman an JV batting practice (as we used to have to use the old, worn balls). The boys love having new baseballs and not ones that have seams unraveling and covers falling off. We, the coaches, would also like to say thank. Those older baseballs were terrible on our hands!