Y.E.S. Club - Desert View High

Desert View’s Y.E.S. Club needs your support!

The Desert View Y.E.S. (Youth Empowered for Success) Club is committed to providing after school and enrichment programs to Desert View students and the community they serve. Y.E.S. engages our youth in the hands-on learning opportunities they need to succeed. As active members of the Desert ViewY.E.S. Club, our students participate in community and school-wide campaigns such as Suicide Prevention Awareness and Childhood Cancer Month by disseminating appropriate information and broadening students’ awareness of these growing concerns.

The Y.E.S. Club develops youth leadership through participation in community events that address the social problems young people face today. In addition, Y.E.S. serves as a vehicle for Desert View students to play a more active role in their school and community by designing and implementing prevention and educational programs that speak to what is happening today. The Desert ViewY.E.S. Club also sponsors various recognition programs for youth and staff, which are supported throughout the school year.

In past years the Y.E.S. Club was funded by county prevention sources, but this year that funding is not available. Therefore, we need your assistance to continue the work we do in our school and surrounding community by helping young people reach their potential.

Thank you so much for considering a contribution to the
Desert View Y.E.S. Club.