Disney Grad Night Tickets

Organization: ASU Preparatory Academy - South Campus

Club: Trips

WHAT:Disneyland tickets for grad night

WHY:Project Graduation is coordinating and fundraising for a trip to Disneyland in May. The class is tightly knit and for the majority of them, they will be the first in their family to be accepted into a university and attend! Project Graduation would like to celebrate this huge event in their life by taking themto Disneyland. The majority of the students have never been to this amusement park and would like to do so with their close friends for the past ten years before they depart on their many different paths to college. This will increase their educational experience by providing these kids with unbelievable memories, an experience of a lifetime, and the ability to be celebrate with their lifelong friends on last time before they graduate together. The memories they will create on this trip will stay with them for a lifetime as well as allow them to be kids one last time before they begin their journey to young adulthood.

Fulfilled: 6
Still Needs: 29

Donation Price:

$120.00 / each

100% tax-deductible
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