Track Club - Copper Canyon

We are a track team in the Tolleson Union High School district, and we want to be more competitive in our league, and the state! It is the first year of throwing Javelin in the state of Arizona, and we want to get a jump on the competition through our hard work and training. Funding for track and field supplies are very limited, and Javelins are not a cheap purchase. Luckily we have received some great deals from our equipment outfitter, and are looking to raise funds to get our students some javelins to compete. Mr. Ruiz, one of the throwing coaches has experience with javelin, and is looking to add an additional event to the Copper Canyon throws. Funding for this would give students the opportunity to learn a brand new event that is very exciting. We appreciate all the help we can get and look forward to seeing this event at our meets! After all, what are Aztec warriors without spears!