Sports Medicine - Fairfax High School

We provide a unique program of leadership and skills development for students interested in Sports Medicine.

Here's a story about our sponsor! It highlights his background and motivation for passing on knowledge about Sports Med:

"I am a 12 year disabled Army Veteran that found my passion in coaching and teaching as a volunteer coach at a middle school in 2006. Seeing the faces of the athletes light up and respond to me when they knew that someone believed in them was amazing. At that point I started using the program Troops to Teachers as a way to get my teaching certification and transition from the military to the classroom. 13 years and thousands of students later that feeling from seeing faces light up and building relationships with students is at the heart of my coaching and teaching. Since starting my teaching career, I’ve completed my BS in Information Technology, a MS in Sports and Health Sciences and am pursuing a Ph.D. in Performance Psychology as a way to show my students that education is important and that they can do anything they put their minds to."