Robotics Crew - Genesis Academy

Genesis City empowers under-served, high-risk youth to acquire the education and work skills they need to become lifelong learners and productive members of the community. The Robotics Crew addresses the need for these students to increase academic achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and develop work skills. Robotics serves as the organizer of content, allowing the instructor to demonstrate the applications of STEM. Students are introduced to technological literacy as they develop the following work related competencies: project and time management, resource allocation, information accessing, systems understanding, team work, and problem solving.

Robotics is an engaging curriculum for the students and a motivational tool that brings STEM applications to life in the classroom. The Robotics Crew will increase participation and academic achievement of students in STEM by providing engaging, inquiry-based learning.

Robotics enables students to “do” mathematics rather than study it. When robots are programmed to move specific distances, students are required to apply geometry, measurement, conversion of units, ratios and proportions.

The Robotics Crew curriculum is designed to help students learn to apply scientific process. All of the investigations include independent, dependent, and control variables. Students are required to form a hypothesis, test it and either reject it or accept it based on test results.

The Robotics Crew Program teaches technological literacy. When students program, they learn how electronics, feedback from sensors, conditional statement, loops, and wait states manage the digital technologies that control the world they live in. They learn about systems, resource allocation, and time management.

During activities they will learn to work as a team, they will be confronted with open-ended challenges where they will develop the innovative problem solving skills needed to compete in the global economy.