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We’re glad you’re here! CCHS is located in Glendale, Arizona and is part of the Tolleson Union High School District.  

All of last year’s successes have created a momentum that is inspiring every adult at Copper Canyon to push our own boundaries to learn more, and plan better so both our kids and our school will continue to excel. With the success we have had with AIMS this past year, the excitement over more students taking a greater number of higher level classes, with the triumphs of our athletic and cheer teams, and, with the addition of West-Mec to our already achieving CTE programs, we have put into motion a school year filled with promise.

Over the summer, our teachers attended trainings and wrote new curriculum to align with the new Common Core State Standards. Classes will be a little tougher. Teachers and students will have to work a little harder. They will struggle as we push ourselves and we push them. But, in a learning community like Copper, that is a great thing because this year our kids will learn more than ever. Their skills will improve, their confidence will grow, and as a group, in academics, athletics, and social development, they will shine. They will become more prepared to compete in college or the workplace.

Go Aztecs!

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