JROTC - Alhambra - By Price: Lowest to Highest

JROTC cadets are involved in one of the most interesting and valuable experiences of high school experience. JROTC gives us a chance to participate in our education and teaches us to be better leaders and members of society. This program provides us with tools and skills needed to succeed in high school, but far more importantly, these tools and skills will be useful for the rest of our lives.

The JROTC teams practice physical and technical skills at both the individual and team levels. We perform tasks such as the Physical Fitness Training, 5K Runs, Rucksack Marches, Rope Bridges, Land Navigation, Leadership Reaction Course, Wilderness Survival, Air Rifle Marksmanship, and Precision Drill and Ceremony. JROTC develops discipline, physical and mental toughness in order enhance the leadership, critical thinking and problem solving skills to improve the self-confidence and esprit de corps of each cadet through the spirit of competition and achievement.