Percussion & Drumline - Cesar Chavez High

This is the Cesar Chavez percussion and drumline. We are an award winning ensemble that has two components. We have our percussion class which is part of the marching band. This group is made up of 35 students. When I started at Chavez we only had 10. This class has grown into one of the top drumlines in the state of Arizona. After marching season, this class turns into Percussion ensemble. The Chavez percussion ensemble is another award winning group. They have performed at various events around Phoenix including (but not limited to) The First Friday art walk and The Cesar Chavez celebration day! The 2nd class has been deemed the "pep drumline of Cesar Chavez high school." The pep drumline plays at every school event (football games, basketball games, assemblies, Student government events and the list can go on and on). We do community outreach to various elementary schools in the area and the drumline also plays at the same events as the percussion ensemble. Last year, one of the biggest honors we had was to be chosen to play at the 2015 Superbowl Press Conference!