Nogales Apaches - Nogales High School

The NHS Girls’ Soccer Program is made up of a junior varsity and varsity team that participates in the 4A conference league during the winter season. Our teams primarily rely on money earned from our fundraising efforts as well as generous donations in order to provide the necessities and essentials that are both crucial and vital for a successful season. We invite all of you to generously participate and contribute your time and effort in partnership with our program.

Because our program is during the winter season, our biggest concern is keeping our girls warm and healthy to be able to participate in practices, games, and tournaments. A high percentage of money earned is used for warm apparel and backpacks to keep their equipment safe. Money is also used for our end of season banquet, as well as helping low income families with athletic fees/insurance. Our girls work extremely hard in the classroom and on the field, and it is our goal that all girls have all necessities to give them a successful season; therefore, it is eminent that together we raise a large amount of money to cover all costs. Our goal is to be fully funded by the beginning of November 2017.

We would like to thank you in advance for supporting the NHS Girls’ Soccer Program and assure you that your contribution will make a difference.