NFL YET College Prep

Through a partnership with the National Football League, the “Youth Education Town” (NFL-YET) provides a unique environment which develops students into high performing, critical thinkers, who will be proficient in leadership, language, reading, writing, and math. We cultivate charity, service, and respect for the personal beliefs of others and promote a sense of civic responsibility through our Servant Leadership courses. NFL YET College Prep Academy has a current enrollment of 300 students, and its principal purpose is to form International Servant Leaders. This academic program will allow students to demonstrate the desire, ability, and heart to change the world. The students must demonstrate mastery in Leadership Formation, Community Development Methodology, and Project Management. They will also be expected to demonstrate competency in a Foreign Language, Mass Media, and Computer skills. By graduation students will be able to manage and complete a minor (local) project, and advanced students (grades 11-12) will be able to manage and complete a major (international) project. The element of a successful project is when a student is able to demonstrate the use of all of these skills in completing a demonstration project. The four core areas of instruction are: Math/Science, Language Arts, History/Social Studies, all reinforced with electives in the Classics and International Leadership.

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