Girls Tennis - Moon Valley High School

Tennis in our area is such an underrepresented sport! Because of this, we take in all students during the Tennis season. 99% of them never having played tennis before, other than maybe a week in their PE class! This is a space where students can be active, have something to do after school on and off the season since we always have voluntary pre-season Open Courts, and not feel the pressure to have to know the sport beforehand. Our girls learn the basics of tennis the first couple weeks of the season, then they go right into competitive play against other schools. This past year, we had 18 girls the entire season! However, we have just one coach and have to share half the courts with the boys team. Because of this, there is not enough space or time to individually coach each girl. Our sport needs more resources so we can keep taking girls on the tennis team without ever having to cut! Thank you so much in advance for your support!!