French Club - Central High

The French Club promotes personal growth and educational enrichment by providing opportunities to all students here at Central High School. Students learn leadership, accounting and discovery by organizing and planning a budget for International Trips where students are able to use their newly acquired languages in a real life setting. These opportunities allow our students to experience the languages and open their eyes and hearts to other cultures and the people they meet in our adventures. Last spring student had the opportunity to travel to Montréal where they used their French and tasted local cuisine whilst learning about the demographics of eastern Canada and a bit about the history of its people. Next spring we are organizing a trip to Madrid and Paris. I’m really proud to be teaching such talented students, some of which are on their way to becoming trilingual. This opportunity to travel to Spain and France wi ll give them the chance to use their Spanish and French in another continent and culture. We are a title 1 school with the grand majority of our students participating in the Free and reduced lunch program. However, they work hard to achieve their goals and dreams. Many of our students have never left the country or been on an airplane. Please help our students realize this opportunity and help them turn their dreams into reality. Thank you!