High School Drama - Sonoran Science Academy - Tucson

Won't you support our students as they bring to life The Performing Arts with high quality, reliable and 21st century audio and sound equipment for our Musical Theater Programs? Your generous donation will inspire and support a student's dream to sing, act and perform not only on our school stage but on the stages of their life's journey.

Sonoran Science Academy is a State of Arizona and nationally recognized STEM schooldedicated to balancing that curriculum with The Creative Arts, in particular, The Performing Arts.

Over the past 5 years we have increased student enrollment in our arts electives and provided students with a variety of extracurricular activities to develop musical and performance talents, as well as find their voices through singing.

Recently, we have produced, Shrek Jr, The Musical, Into the Woods and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

We do not have a theater venue or permanent stage and make best use of our gym.

Our wonderful productions lack quality sound and projection and this is why we are requesting your consideration to fund us for 12 remote headphone microphones and a sound board with which to run them.

"Our students spend months learning and rehearsing their roles for our productions, only to stand on a stage set supported by very little, if any sound amplification", said Ms. Johanna Lockhart, Drama Teacher.

We "fundraise", however, as you know, it takes alot of ice cream sales when just one head microphone costs almost $200!

We have reached out to local businesses but have been less successful in achieving our goal as we have hoped.

Won't you please partner with us in this request for an investment not only in audio/technical equipment, but the investment in our students futures in achieving their dream.

With grateful thanks,

Ms. Johanna Lockhart
Performing Arts Teacher