Desert Heights Preparatory Academy

Desert Heights Preparatory Academy (“DHPA”) fosters college and career readiness with equal focus on academic excellence, social awareness and integrity of character. We build college resumes with competitive athletic programs, fine arts opportunities and clubs such as Honors Societies and Student Councils. Accredited by AdvancED, we backwards map our curriculum with a focus on readiness for Advanced Placement and dual enrollment coursework. Homework is also minimal due to the project-based instructional opportunities. DHPA students are equipped with a school issued Office 365 account to access email and Microsoft Office applications since technology is integrated into all curriculum units to prepare students for college and career expectations.

Additionally, our school offers a bring your own device (“BYOD”) model while leveraging the use of iPads in all grade levels. With a 1:1 implementation for all 8th-12th grade students participating in high school courses, iPads are used to access coursework along with email and other collaborative, productivity tools like iWorks. We believe immersing students in technology not only assists them in the preparation for college, but also provides students with the hands on experience that benefits them once they enter the workplace.

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