WHAT: The Sony Xplod Boombox is a big black/red/silver boombox that can play music from CDs and iPod/Mp3s loud enough for all of the 20+ members to hear even if practicing/performing outside.

This Sony Xplod Boombox is something we've been ableto use before (borrowed from a friend) and it fit every requirement we needed. Great sound, manageable size, plays music through at AUX cord plug in.

WHY: The Camelback Step & Dance Team relies on music being played at practice for dancers at every practice and for steppers at about half of the practices. Currently we are using a $20 speaker that is just loud enough for us to practice with but we only have 1 and it always needs to be plugged in to use.

We will use it every day at practice and for outside practices/impromptu performances. It will always be playing music from iPods/phones that contain the music we are using for the following performance.

This boombox will make practices a lot more engaging and fun as well as enhance the dancers ability to hear the beats they need to be hitting for dance. It will also be used to playback the sound from old performances so we can hear our own mistakes with step. We can also use it to do smaller performances that don't have their own sound system.

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Still Needs: 0

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$159.00 / each

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