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The Adventure Club is an on-campus club that takes monthly "adventures" to beautiful places around the southwestern United States. Past trips have included things like hiking the Grand Canyon, rock climbing, surfing in San Diego and sleeping under the stars. Club membership is open to any Central High student.

To join, students need to participate in weekly meetings. We meet every Tuesday during lunch. For many students this is THE ONLY opportunity to travel. It also gives them leadership positions and creates a safe environment for students to be successful. Helps students develop confidence in themselves and overcome their fears of the greater world around them. 

Adventure Club teaches you that life is more than just teenage conflict. We get the opportunity to connect with nature and people. Adventure Club isn't just about going out to explore nature, we get the opportunity to create a family. We help each other to overcome all sorts of obstacles such as fears, shyness, and physical endurance. Not all of us have the guts to overcome these obstacles alone, which is why Adventure Club helps us conquer them.