Boys Basketball - Coolidge High

We are the Coolidge Bears boys basketball program, located about an hour south of Phoenix on the Gila River Indian Reservation. We are a small, division 4 school, with a rich history of basketball. While we are usually never short on talent, we are a Title 1 school that is short on money and quality equipment. We are a program that is built on holding players to a higher standard, believing that building winning people off the court will produce a winning team on it. The program is growing and a lot of people are excited about the direction it is heading. We graduated 9 seniors last year and are full of young and hard working players. The players at times struggle with having a sense of pride because of the lack of money available and lack of equipment. We do not have warm ups for the varsity team, the freshman and JV teams do not have a complete set of uniforms, so they have to share in between games. A lot of the jerseys do not match in color, patterns, and some jerseys have the same numbers as others and have to be taped to form different ones. A lot of the players have old worn out shoes, some with holes in them. We are attempting fundraisers and starting a booster club to help pay off expenses and pay for transportation costs, tournament fees, etc.