Phoenix Coding Academy - By Best Selling

Phoenix Union’s newest school is the Phoenix Coding  Academy. Phoenix Coding Academy will focus on computer coding and technology in an inquiry-based environment that values student curiosity, collaboration, critical thinking, engagement and relevance. Students will learn software development, including game design, web and app  development, networking, information security, engineering, automation and other skills in an innovative and creative setting. Technology will be integrated into a full high school curricula, and students will select career pathways.  Partnerships with the local tech industry will afford  opportunities for guest instructors, internships and industry exploration, while  preparing a more diverse future workforce for the high-demand jobs within the technology sector. 

With a state-of-the-art building, tech-savvy teachers and staff, an engaged tech community and the limitless creativity and  imagination of youngsters who love technology, the Phoenix Coding Academy is Programmed for Success.

Go Pythons!

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