Early Childhood Education - Alhambra - By Best Selling

Early Childhood Education focuses on helping students who want to become educators in their future.

Students to get an inside view of how educators influence the lives of many children and teaches students that a career as an educator is not just a job. The members get the chance to become a Teacher Cadet and experience the life of a teacher while getting to be in an actual classroom environment. Learning how to make lesson plans and later teaching them, tutoring various students of all grade levels, and observing a classroom are some of the many objectives our club strives for.

We are a part of the Educators Rising organization. Educators Rising is an expanding organization for students interested in the education field. Educators Rising does various activities such as attending leadership conferences, participating in state competition and experiencing hands-on activities.

One of Educator Rising's goals is to give back to our community by sponsoring events such as tutoring elementary students, Box Tops for Education drives to support elementary schools, teddy bear drives, and more. Educators Rising members are also trying to impact the way educators are looked at by traveling and making connections with many different people.