Culinary Club - Camelback - By Best Selling

The Camelback Culinary Club is about teaching students on how to prepare and cook food to its highest quality, as well as learning how good food can literally brighten someone else's day. Club members learn different techniques and methods of cooking throughout the school year, and we love to share our gifts and talents. Currently, there are some great discussions within the club to inspire and share with the community through service. One of the biggest challenges we face is having enough funds to do more intense cooking technique practices and having the ability to enter competitions with other schools for experiences we would never forget. 

My love, passion, and enthusiasm for cooking and desire to help the students build a great sense of community and wellness will be the perfect "roux" for my students to feed off. I hope anyone who reads this brief description will help my students have the best culinary and high school experience they deserve, by donating grocery gift cards, groceries, or any other items we may need at any particular time. Through our creativity and teamwork, we will make sure we respect and utilize any donated items to the best of their ability. 

- Ms. Moncur, The Camelback Culinary Club