Baseball - Copper Canyon

We are the Copper Canyon Baseball team. Our goal as a program is to teach our players how to be a Student Athlete and a become a good citizen. Our core values are Character, Courage, Honor and Sportsmanship. We work on our players from the inside out, we help and guide them to be an example through out our campus and our communities. Our players are given goals and expectations for the field, classroom and the community and they are held accountable if they are not met. Finances have always been a challenge because most of your players come from a home that is living check to check and have difficulties deciding on whether to invest in their child's baseball expenses or other responsibilities they may have at home. We as a program do the best that we can to try and soften the financial blow but fall short due to the necessities that we currently have. Our players deserve the support because we feel like they are doing their part in terms of character, work ethic academics and integrity, the coaching staff and staff have to do our part and look for as many options and resources as we possibly can. We truly believe that if we continue to invest in these young men, and create a positive environment, our neighborhoods and communities will continue to improve.