Cheer - Trevor Browne

The Trevor G. Browne High School Cheerleading Squad is striving for excellence and is need of your support.

Our team is in the process of improving and rebuilding the program as a whole. We are currently focusing our efforts on teaching our squad members to be respectful, responsible, productive members of society. Second to that, we focus on teaching the sport of cheerleading. The majority of our members come to the squad with very little experience in cheer and begin their training at the high school level.

Our program has several goals as a squad which would require outside training and assistance, including experience in competitions. These types of activities are not ones that have been around on this campus for several years. We would like to see that change.  Due to the minimal funds given to our team via the school district, we are required to pay for the majority of our expenses on our own. Typically, this means we fundraise or the squad members must pay out of pocket. This becomes very difficult when we are situated in a low-income area. Most of our families cannot afford to pay for everything that is required to be on the squad, let alone additional activities that we would like to participate in, such as cheer camps and competitions. Being in a low-income area also makes fundraising very difficult. 

In addition to rebuilding, another goal of ours is to resurrect a Junior Varsity Squad. Again, funds are limited even from the District. This means additional coaches/consultants, uniforms, poms, etc. 

We appreciate any and all donations!