Bruin Band & Orchestra - Trevor Browne - Alphabetically: Z-A

In the past two and a half years, the Bruin Band & Orchestra has been one of the main success stories on the Trevor Browne campus. Just a short time ago, both the band & orchestra program completely fell apart. To the point that both the principal and the performing arts director shut down the program altogether. 

Since that time, the program has grown from a handful of students to 129. The band and orchestra now meet before, during, and after school everyday throughout the entire school year. This equates to over 400 hundred hours of KKIS time - "Keeping Kids in School." 
Recently, the band received a Superior Caption Award at the 2012 Prescott Invitational. Over twenty students tried out for State Solo & Ensemble and State Regionals. 17 students received superior or excellent ratings and one student made state regionals and is now trying out for All-State. 

We are desperately trying to supply both the band and orchestra students with enough instruments and equipment to run the program. Only three of the 129 students own or rent their instruments. The rest simply cannot afford their own instruments nor can they afford the basic equipment needed, such as reeds & drum sticks etc. to use their instrument. We are constantly repairing our old instruments owned by the school so that the students can be part of this great program.