Throne Chairs

Organization: Wickenburg High School

Club: All

Why we need this: In high school sports, all sports are not equal in the fans that turn out and the revenue they bring in. Soccer has grown in popularity every year at WHS, but we are trying to find a way to get our community involved and excited in our games. After watching professional soccer on TV, we got the idea to invite young soccer players from the community to do a walk out with our high school players as they were announced (like they do in professional soccer where kids walk out with the players). Then, we would have two "thrones" near the field where the MVP from the last game, and their younger buddy, could sit and watch the game in style. Our soccer teams, boys and girls, play on the same day, one after each other, so the boy MVP and his buddy could sit and watch during the girls' game, and vice versa.

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